Nursery Sales


Semi-Annual Plant Sales

Twice a year IVOF&G offers a variety of certified organic perennial and annual food plants with a special collection of heritage fruit trees and shrubs, herbs, flowers and native plants available during our Spring and Autumn Plant Sales. There is expert staff on hand during the plant sales to answer gardening questions and to offer free gardening workshops.


Fruit Trees and Shrubs

IVOF&G has an extensive fruit tree propagation program yielding hundreds of heirloom and rare fruit trees. Our fruit tree program is guided by John Valenzuela (left), horticulturalist, professional advisor, and educator specializing in permaculture teaching and organic orchard production. John regularly guest lectures and volunteers at IVOF&G. John Heenan (right) also volunteers in the fruit tree program plumsand is a backyard grower of rare citrus varieties. Please contact the Farm Coordinator to find out which fruit trees and shrubs are currently available to purchase.

If you are interested in having IVOF&G contract grow fruit trees, please contact the Farm Coordinator.


Wholesale Plant Production

IVOF&G has state-of-the-art greenhouse growing facilities for annual and perennial plant propagation. We grow for local nurseries as well as Bay Area school garden progsrams. Please contact the Farm Coordinator if you are interested in having us contract grow for you.