Our Story

Our Story

A barren field transforms into a training ground for organic farmers.

Watch the video for a lively introduction to the history and development of the Farm.


Founded in 2008 as a direct response to a call from the Marin Agricultural Summit to establish an organic teaching farm on the Highway 101 corridor, the Indian Valley Organic Farm & Garden (IVOF&G) was created to support and sustain local food systems and organic agriculture, to help develop the local agricultural workforce and offer job training for an underserved North Bay population, and to provide healthy, nutrient-dense food for hard-working local residents. Please see the story below for how IVOF&G is bearing fruit for the community.

Painting by Wendy Johnson

Painting by Wendy Johnson

Our Partnerships

The IVOF&G is an innovative partnership program with years of dedicated collaboration and decades of collective community experience among these partners:

Indian Valley garden

CollegeofMarinLogo-e1372356743825-lc0d81o1e1pnidh6ol90npe1rjehamnc8cggejryquCollege of Marin provides the land, curriculum, teaching faculty and instructional supplies for the program, as well as Federal Work Study positions for low-income young adults participating in education and career support.


ccnb logo_webConservation Corps North Bay, the oldest local community conservation corps in the country, manages the daily operations of the Farm and provides education, job training, conservation, and other programs for our community’s underserved youth ages 18-25.


ucceMarin_Master_Gardeners_webUniversity of California Cooperative Extension and Marin Master Gardeners offer essential access to the North Bay’s vibrant farming community and serve as a vital link to an extensive community of lifetime learners.


TCC_logoThe Cultural Conservancy, which works to restore Native earth-based cultural traditions and ways of knowing, joined the partnership in 2013 to help  preserve and enhance Traditional Ecological Knowledge and to develop greater ethnobotanical knowledge among local residents, particularly youth.


Apple protected with kaolin clay

Bearing Fruit

In IVOF&G’s first full growing season, all of the partners convened with elders from the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria to plant a young apple tree at the front entrance to the Farm. Now this beautiful tree has begun to bear a nutritious harvest of fruit for the community.

The Indian Valley Organic Farm & Garden is also bearing fruit. More than 800 students of the organic farming and environmental landscaping classes offered by the college have deepened their learning through work on the farm. Low-income adults learn hands-on organic farming through a popular work-study program led by knowledgeable CCNB staff dedicated to educating the next generation of organic farmers.

In the formative years of this program, hundreds of K-12 public school students have visited the Farm, learning to plant and harvest. Local residents enjoy a bounty of crops also made available through weekly farm stand sales, Farmers Market, a vibrant CSA program, and wholesale farm sales to beloved local restaurants and grocery stores. In addition, IVOF&G offers thousands of organically grown seedlings to the public through semi-annual plant sales.